Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LA Ball Talk Blog Rankings Voting Starts Today!

Vote for Blue Blitz!

Here's our short description of why we should be voted into first:

"We started out in the Summer of 2008, right after we heard that the SuperSonics move from Seattle to Oklahoma City was official. We had our doubts at first, but it's been a wild and fun ride. We enjoy every minute of our blogging and our dedication to getting the facts straight rather than homering our team all of the time really shows through our writing. While Zebs true alligiances lie with the Golden State Warriors, that only serves to help him in providing level-leaded, critical opinion of the Thunder. Zeb and Ben have been NBA fans for a combined 17 years, so they know how things go in the NBA, and are by no means newcomers. There's not much else to say, but we hope that you enjoy our charm and wit enough to vote us #1. The Thunderworld may be more professional, Thunder Rumblings may actually have access to players, ThunderGuru may know more about stats, and Bend it Like Bennett may be way funnier. But we....are way awesomer."

Here's the Thunderworlds reasoning:

"The Thunderworld has a long-standing, time-tested history in the NBA blog world, much like the Oklahoma City Thunder has a long-standing, time-tested history in the NBA - they’ve both existed just a few months and no one really respects either at all. But that doesn’t mean both aren’t great. Well, one definitely isn’t great right now and might not ever get there, but the other is showing some tremendous upside potential. The blog really has made some major strides in just a few months. I’ve began writing unbelievably deep, thought-provoking articles about… stuff and each day, I’ll provide a laundry list of links that include the words “Oklahoma,” “City,” and “Thunder.” Turns out, a many of adult films include the word “Thunder” in their titles. Good or bad thing? Who knows but at The TW, the link will be there for you to decide (no, not really).

Currently, the Thunder has five or six solid blogs supporting it which is proof that this area is excited about the NBA in OKC. I won’t say The Thunderworld is the best out of all, but I will say this: It is the best of all."

And, just for fun, here's Bend it Like Bennetts reasoning:

"Bend It Like Bennett is the absolute gold standard for Thunder blogs, which is why Ball Don’t Lie’s Blog Association ranks us the number one Thunder blog on the web. The rest of the pack is in a heated seven-way tie for last.

Our fellow Thunderbloggers at Blue Blitz say BILB is “generally better, more popular, and more well-liked than our blog, Thunderworld, and ThunderGuru combined.” The Thunderworld calls us “The best Thunder blog - nay, best NBA - nay, best blog period on the Internet”. We are pleased, if not surprised, to have earned the respect and undying adoration of our colleagues.

We provide highly original content that goes above and beyond the busy work of amassing links to every Oklahoman article ever like some kind of paper shuffling mid-level corporate burnout—a task that could be done more effectively by a Google algorithm. We offer only the very best in insightful Thunder commentary, and will continue to delight our loyal readers until our business model is no longer profitable. We appreciate your blind support."

For the record: Yes, I did say that. And still stand by it. But I still like my blog more!

Also, Important Things to Note:

Thunder Fan and OKC Thunder are the same website. I think it goes by the mantra of "Oklahoma City Thunder News".
Oklahoma City BBall seems to have sort of given up. After July he only has about 3-4 September posts, all only about a paragraph long. He posted once October 8th, but the post is about 3 lines long. It promises "Notes tomorrow", but I don't see any. So you might want to remove them.
Otherwise, really looking forward to seeing who comes out on top!

If you voted for us, as Tim and Eric would say, Great Job!
If not, than you have about as much mind as Weezy has work ethic. Just sayin'.


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