Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Preseason Pregame 1: Thunder vs. Timberwolves

At long last, the Oklahoma City Thunder will finally take the court in a "competitive" game. Of course it's only fitting that the game take place in the media megaplex known as Billings, Montana in the historic MetraPark Arena. Without further delay, here's a breakdown of today's game:

Backstory: Well, this is the first game for either team, so not much backstory as far as that's concerned. However, there are some interesting angles to look at. First, like I said earlier, it is the premier game for our dream team. If you're into NBA basketball in OKC (like me) and into the NBA preseason (unlike me), then this is probably the game of your life. I'm sure seeing those Thunder jerseys taking the court for the first time will bring tears to many eyes, in more ways than one. Secondly, one shouldn't forget that this is a struggle between two of the NBA's more pathetic teams. Tonights game may give us an indication of how these teams have improved, or perhaps even deproved, if thats possible.

Analysis: Though it's pointless to breakdown what will happen in a preseason game held in Montana, it's how I earn the big buck$ so here goes nothing...

Like I said earlier, both of these teams were quite frankly embarassing last season. We already know that Johan Petro is out of this one, along with Joe Smith being a game-time decision. Also, I wouldn't expect Kevin, Weezy, or Collison to play any amount of extended minutes. Likewise, Big Al should make him self quite comfortable on the pine. This leave a whole lot of nothing for tonight's game, poop quite frankly. I do think that the T-Wolves have the slight talent edge after you remove those players, still though, it isn't much.

Player to Watch: Russell Westbrook. It's his first actual NBA game and he looked very promising in his summer league action. In the Oklahoman today, P.J. said that Westbrook was chomping at the bit to see some action and that "he's very hungary."

Predicted Outcome: Timberwolves 88 Thunder 85

I bet your arena doesn't have huge boulders! Support the Billings for Next NBA City Movement!