Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Game 4 Pregame: Celtics at Thunder

They have it. We want it. But we can't have it. The next best thing to actually winning the championship is beating the championship team. Well, actually I suppose it's making it to the finals; but seeing as how we have no chance of making the playoffs, this is as close as we can get. And what better chance do we have at capturing the epic upset than here in now legendary "Loud City?" Do I think it'll happen tonight? Ha, not even close! But hey, can't wait to see the Big Ticket take the court again.

Backstory: The Thunder suck. Really, the Celtics represent everything we're not. 1) Talented. KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce. KD, Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox. See the difference? 2) Team Chemistry and Leadership. Ray Allen is a solid vet, KG is using this opportunity to build his legacy, and Pierce is, of course, the Cap'N. Who leads our team? Joe Smith? Plus team's way too young to build any chemistry. 3) They're winners. Like I said earlier, they got rings, we don't.

Earl Watson vs. Rajon Rondo
Edge: Rondo

I'm in the school of thought that says that all the talent around him makes Rondo appear better. Still, a solid defender, good driver, and has freakishly large hands.

Kevin Durant vs. Ray Allen
Edge: KD

Allen has fallen off his game a tad since he left Seattle, and I think that KD will generally fill up the stat sheet a lot more.

Jeff Green vs. Paul Pierce
Edge: Pierce

This one ain't close at all. In my humble opinion, which happens to be shared by Danny Ainge, when Pierce is on his game, it's really hard to find someone anybody. There's always going to be a player just as good of course, but if you told the Celtics they could swap him for LeBron, I think they'd stay where they are now.

Nick Collison vs. Kevin Garnett
Edge: KG

Wilcox matches up much better, but in all likelihood he'll be coming off the bench again. Theres no one on the team who'll ever be as good as KG, so don't feel bad about losing this match-up.

Johan Petro vs. Kendrick Perkins
Edge: Perkins

Neither of these players are great, maybe borderline ok at best. Like Rondo though, the presence of the Big 3 takes a lot of pressure off Perk so just because of that, he's better.

Battle of the Benches
Edge: Draw

Theres nothing that spectacular about the Celtics bench. They have some nice players; Big Baby, Sam Cassel, Eddie House, but nothing special. Still, they're efficient. Same goes for Thunder, who get a big boost from Weezy.

Coaching and Intangibles
Edge: Celtics

I'm not a big believer in Doc Rivers' coaching prowess, I think he's a benefactor from some great trades. Still, how many championships does P.J. have?

Player to Watch: I think Weezy off the bench is a safe pick. Really, the Thunder will need to rely on him and Durant if they have any hope of keeping it reasonable.

Predicted Result: Hmmmmmm, the God of Thunder says Celtics 95, Thunder 81


Jason Frost said...

Psshhhhhhh Ray Ray killz Durant, I say he lights him up for 40 tonight. Ray Allen has fallen of his game you say, I say "Jesus" went for 29 on 11-15 vs Houston, he is back baaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyyy!

okluschen said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben. My name is Casey Oldenburg. My mom is a teacher at Ridgeview Elementary. I don't know if you remember me or not. I used to be up at the school quite a bit before college. Anyway, my mom told me about your blog, so I looked it up. I like it; you're a good writer. Keep it up. My also said you were into journalism. That would be my major. So, I just wanted to tell you that your blog is really cool and tell you who I was. Good luck in school (that other university, if I was told correctly. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) Go Pokes! :)

okluschen said...

Hahahaha, of course I remember you. I really think that there are plenty of writing samples of mine better than what I put on here, but thanks for compliment. The success we've had here at Blue Blitz is a culmination of hard work, determination, and dumb luck.

Any praise for my so-called "talents" should be directed towards your mother, though. I really do believe she changed my life. I certainly wasn't anything special until I met her. She was the one who saw any potential in me.

If I could relay a story to you... I remember one time in elementary school where we were first learning to write three-point essays. I don't remember exactly what the prompt was, but it wasn't the first time we had to write such an essay. Anyway, when we got our essays back, I remember your mother was irrate over their quality, or lack there of. She made everyone rewrite them right then and there...Everyone except me, that is. In fact, my essay was the gold standard read before the class for everyone else to follow. I remember reading Bunnicula while everyone else was rewriting, except there was less reading and more laughing. People kept looking up at me and saying, "Ben, what's so funny?" and I would reply, "this book." Bunnicula, indeed, is a funny book in it's own right. But it wasn't the book. I was literally giddy over being the only one not to have to rewrite my essay. Of course, Oldenburg was quick to tell me to quiet down. Still, it was then that I finally realized that there was something I could be good at, and I've held on to that hope to this day.

As for what college I'll be attending, I really like OU (both on and off the field), but I like to keep my options open. Okie State has an excellent sports broadcasting program I hear, and I love Missouri-Columbia, along with a handful of other schools as well. My dream school would likely be Northwestern (Ill), but uhh, we'll see what happens.

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