Sunday, November 9, 2008

Game 6 Recap: Atlanta 89, Oklahoma City 85

Nick Collison tried some Kung Fu tonight, but he ended up just as stinky as me, with only 2 points and 5 rebounds in 19 minutes.
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Before I get into the game, I committed a cardinal sin at the Ford Center Today: Being stinky.

Basically, I woke up today around 4 or so, and didn't do much before I went to the game. I didn't even think about how I hadn't showered. Big mistake. I go to the game and two people to the right of me left for better seats I didn't supect anything, until the end of the 1st, when somebody notified me that everybody around me was noticing my stink, and that I shouldn't jump around like that if I stunk so bad. Now, I'm all about letting the fans enjoy their experience, so I promptly left. No hard feelings to everybody around me. Probably the most embarassing moment of my life. But, the guy with the Brick mask was back (and sitting right in front of me) so he made up for me. I'll be back next time though. Yes, I'll be showered. Sorry if that was too much information for some of you folks. But, on to the game.

Man, what a game I missed. The first quarter was really really ugly. The Thunder kept shooting ill-advised midrangers with the Hawks right up in their grill. Luckily, the Hakws were only faring slightly better. Once the Thunder pounded it inside (like I was advising the whole time), things got better. After a slammin 2nd quarter that I didn't see, it was back and forth the whole game.

The end of the 4th saw our hopes crushed. The Hawks jumped out to a quick lead, and we almost free throwed our way back into it....until Earl Watson missed an essential layup that would have had us down by only 2 with a few seconds back. Ben had a good predicting day again, being only 4 points off of the actual score. You go, man!

Lastly, tonight was the debut of Robert Swift, courtesy of the Chris Wilcox injury. I'm glad we have Swift and Sene, becuse they can easily step in capably should one of our bigs get hurt. The same can't be said if our guards are hurt, as the only real backups they have are Kyle Weaver and Damien Wilkins. If our Point Guard is hurt, I smell trouble. But I digress. I hope Weezy is okay, as he was doing pretty well with 2 points and 2 boards before he went down. Swift looked okay, with 2 points and 3 boards. Well, his performace looked okay, but I had a hard time believing that he was the same guy who fouled out at the Hornets-Sonics game 2 years ago. He looked so....different back then.

Sadly, Joe Smith had his best performance of the season while I wasn't there. He almost had a double double with 14 points and 9 rebounds. He only shot 3-10, but he more than made up for it, shooting 8-10 from the free throw line. He really pulled through in the final seconds of this game, getting fouled at crucial times and grabbing critical rebounds. Thus, he gets tonights Thunder Wonder.

The Thunder Down Under award goes to Earl Watson. He would have gotten the Wonder award had he not missed that last layup. Still, he shot 5-11, went 1-2 from 3 point territory, had 11 points, 6 assists, and 3 rebounds, and only had 2 turnovers. These past two games Earl has really pulled through. He has started to create ball movement (rather than just dribbling it at the top of the key) and has had some hustle plays that have really put him over the shadow of Russell Westbrook.

The Thunder Blunder award goes easily to Jeff Green. 37 Minutes, 3-12 Field Goals, 1-4 3 Pointers, 9 Points, 8 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 2 Turnovers, and 1 Steal. He did better than Kevin Durants whopping 6 turnovers, but 25% shooting is just inexusable. A lot of his ill-advised shots just may have killed it for the Thunder early on tonight.

On the Flip (Murray) side, it's hard pinpointing one performance. Everyone was equally bad in their production. Thus, the Thunder Plunderer award goes to Joe Johnson by default. 25 Points, 9-25 Shooting, 3-6 3 Point Shooting, 4-6 Freethrow Shooting, 2 Rebounds, 2 Assists, 4 Turnovers, 4 Steals, and 1 Block round out a full stat sheet for Mr. JJ.

Overall, a par for the course night fo the Thunder.

Next Game: Monday at the Pacers. Prepare for some Murphy Madness.


Samuel said...

Hey, maybe you can help me out. I'm trying to find a Thunder blog with good writing and a lively comments section. Do you know of anything like that on the web?

Zorgon said...

The three main independent blogs are Thunderguru (, Thunderworld ( and us. None of them have a lively comments section. Darnell Mayberry, a writer for the Oklahoman, runs a blog at ( He has a lively comments section. You may also want to check out the links to a few forums on the right.

Oh, and thanks for calling our blog poorly written and not active :-(.

Samuel said...

Well, yeah - your blog is awful. It really serves no purpose, other than to paraphrase articles from the newspaper and inject grammatical errors.

Zorgon said...

I don't even read the newspaper. It's garbage. Everything that it puts out is garbage. And the editor that let it come out, he's garbage.

I'm a man, I'm 40! Attack me!

All of our work is completely original and without the opinion of other writers. You can trash us for sucking, but we're not plagarizers.

It's purpose is for people to read opinion about how their team did last night, why some things are and aren't working, why a cetrain trade happened, et cetera. We just give our spin on things that come out, and that's what a blog is....we're just a one sided watercooler.

But, I respect your opinion, and you're entitled to it. I hope that you find our work better in the future, and I hope that you find a writer better suited to your tastes.

Samuel said...

Wow, I appreciate your thoughtful and well-measured response.

okluschen said...

Samuel, what a respectable response to that. A lot of guys would have continued some name-calling argument, because everyone gets some ballz when they write on message boards, etc. But few actually take the time to recognize a good point when they see it.

Unless you were being sarcastic, which I also can't really complain about

Samuel said...

Wasn't being sarcastic. I still think the blog adds very little value, but at least Zorgon understands its limitations.

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