Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Looking Increasingly Like Thunder Around Here....

Via the Lost Ogle:

The Magic have released some of their ticket plans for the season, and, apparently, the "Half Howard Plan" lists our team as the Thunder.

Now, this indicates one of two possibilities:

1. The "Thunder" have made their name known to other teams, and the Magic really don't care about confidentiality. Or they may have accidentally released them too early.

2. The other teams really don't want to call us "the city" and are using the Thunder as a standby.

I'd think that judging from the Hornets refusal to give the "City" their ticket information, #2 is the more likely option. Also, judging from how other teams sites are still calling them the SuperSonics, #2 seems almost like a foregone conclusion.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be Thunder, either.

It's fun to hear inconclusive information, isn't it?

EDIT: The Magic have changed it from Thunder to Oklahoma's looking incredibly suspicious at this point. Either they didn't want to arouse suspicion or they actually made a mistake....still very hard to know at this point, but some people are already declaring it Thunder.