Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Name of the Oklahoma City Team....

will be revealed next Wednesday! That's right, on September 3rd, we drop the Name Bomb. If you check at 5PM on that date, they say you'll find out the name and colours. More likely, you'll get a blank screen because the place will be very overtrafficed.

Darnell Mayberrys take on the NewsOK NBA in OKC Blog sponsored by John Holt Chevrolet

Anyway, you can rest assured that The Oklahoma City NBA Sportsblog....To the Max!!!! will have full ocverage of this event. For those of you who don't want to struggle with the other highly trafficed site or especially its annoying flash based menus in the few moments after 5 PM, we will have the name and logo up on this site as fast as possible. Shortly thereafter, we will give a full breakdown using all of the information that we can find, plus the valuable opinions of these bloggers.

Better yet, we will be announcing our new Blog name in the days thereafter, followed by a snazzy new site design and possibly a new domain. So remember to stay tuned for that....

(Please be Rough Riders!!!!)