Monday, August 11, 2008

OKC Trades for Charlotte's Weaver

Hey, something happened involving the OKC NBA team today! Sam Presti made a move for the highly coveted guard Kyle Weaver (this is sarcasm). I'll be honest, I don't have any idea who Kyle Weaver is and had never heard his name before today. From what I gather, he's a big rookie defensive-minded guard out of Washington State who's somewhat of a slasher on offense. He can play both the PG and SG positions. I suppose sort of a poor man's Russell Westbrook. Can't say this signing thrills me too much. He averaged just a modest 6.2 ppg in summer league, and I can't see him cracking the PG rotation for sure, maybe sneaks in at SG, but not much, discounting injuries.

Kyle Weaver's Player Profile

Zorgons Note: DeVon Hardin went international, signing with a Turkish team. This is just a move to fill our roster with guys and create less of a center jam, which we shouldn't mind at all, because it means that if a guard gets injured we won't have to scramble to sign Mike Wilks. Also, this could make our roster full, barring our offering or not offering a qualifying offer to Robert Swift.