Friday, August 22, 2008

The Name has Been Decided!

And it is....scheduled to be released within the next two weeks. Got you there, didn't I? Anyway, Brian Brinkley of Oklahomas NewsChannel 4 reports that the name has already been chosen, and that they're getting the gear ready.

I'm really hoping that it will come across soon....we at the blog also have revealing to do of our own. Although nothing major, we need to come up with some sort of creative nickname. What? You didn't think that "The Oklahoma City NBA Sports Blog....To The Max!!!!" was permanent, did you? The name and logo for our blog will be so amazing and fantabulous that SB Nation will HAVE to pick us up. I'd like to have our own webpage, but the combined HTML skills of OKLuschen and I amount to nothing. And it's the writing that makes the blog, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm Bart Conner, and I hope you're enjoying the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, right here on Oklahomas NewsChannel 4!