Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Breaking Name News!

OK, now that I have your attention I can let you in on a major let-down. According to local sports media Personality Mark Rodgers the Oklahoma City team name will be...ending in the letter 'S'! That's right ladies and gentlemen, Mark Rodgers' "reliable source" has informed him that the team name will be in plural form. This rules out faorites like the Energy, Herd, Land Run, Thunder, Storm, and this blog's favorite City.

Also, according to Mark Rodgers' source, Barons is the front-runner right now in the OKC name game. However, Rodgers is also quick to mention that another source he has says that it isn't going to be Barons.

What does all of this mean? Well, first of all, most of the time when people have "reliable sources" they actually don't have anything at all. Not that I'm saying that Mark Rodgers would claim that Pork from the Morning Animal was a reliable source...OK, so thats exactly what I'm saying. Though I'm willing to bet that the name indeed will not end with 'S', I doubt that anyone who would be willing to let Mark Rodgers in on this confidential stuff would actually know crap about anything themselves.