Friday, July 18, 2008

Oklahoma City NBA Blogs Sighted

Land Ahoy!

Oklahoma City BBall
They only have 4 posts so far (we'll have a whopping 12 after this one), but Joe looks to be off to a good start. I think he has more connections than us in the general blogosphere, but we'll both try our best. Oh, and props to the "Oklahoma City Toby Keith's "I love this Basketball Team!"", if he did indeed make it. We give full support (all 2 of us) to this blog.

NBA in OKC News OK Blog Sponsored by John Holt Chevrolet
These guys seem to be the giant so far in the NBA OKC blogging arena. He gets paid, has a nice picture of himself on the front of his blog, has a sponsor, is on a site probably the most well known source for Oklahoma news, and has a loyal reader following. Oh, and he's done interviews with players, too. But we're just as good! Honestly! Still, props to the guy for his dedication, and a lot of the stuff over there is actually....pretty good!

OKC NBA Nation
Not exactly a blog, but moreso a community of fans that has just recently been started. If you can ignore the incredibly ugly non-NBA background, I'm sure you'd have a good time. Forums
Leftover from the Hornets-era, this community is still going strong if you want to discuss something. Their old main page still has hornets logos, and so do the forums. They have parked, but it has no content as of yet. Look to there fo future changes!

So, anyway, check all of those blogs out, and stay tuned to The Oklahoma City NBA Sports the Max!!!! for future updates and analysis.

The ONLY blog which has had a top 10 list and full Summer League Coverage and analysis!!!!