Friday, July 11, 2008

The Chicago Bulls vs the Oklahoma City, Game 5

Oklahoma City 16 32 20 18 86
Chicago Bulls 19 19 17 18 73 recap
Box Score

Oklahoma City was able to capture a very elusive victory in their last Orlando summer game with both Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook sitting on the bench. D.J. White and Ronald Dupree were able to take over for the resting stars (well, at least by summer league standards) with 37 points and 11 rebounds.

It's true, the City got a little help from the Bulls in that their best players, first overall pick Derrick Rose and Tyrus Thomas, both sat on the pine during this game. Derrick Rose is scheduled to undergo and MRI following his return from Orlando. Still though, the Bulls saw valiant efforts from former Oklahoma State Cowboy JamesOn Curry (a team high 17 points) and PF/C Aaron Gray (16 points and 12 rebounds).

Esscentially, this was just one of those clean-up "can't-wait-untill-this-summer-thing-is-over-so-I-can-start-doing-relevant-things-in-my-life-again" games that neither team was completely into. There was sloppy play by both teams with a lot of turnovers. Chicago really couldn't get into a shooting rhythm all week, much less this game.

Other OKC players of note included Brian Randel and Mykal Riley both in double digit scoring and Aaron Bruce finally showing up. He had a relatively modest 5 points but a killer 7 assists! Thank God.

Side Note: The All-Summer League first and second teams were announced and OKC had a strong showing. Both Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green took first team honors. No City players on the second team. Guard Courtney Lee of Orlando, forward Michael Beasley of Miami, and center Brook Lopez of New Jersey cap off the rest of the first team. Mario Chalmers (Miami), Earl Calloway (Indiana), Jaycee Carroll (New Jersey), Chris Douglass-Roberts (New Jersey), and Marcin Gortat (Orlando) make up the second team.