Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The New Jersey Nets vs The Oklahoma City, Summer League Game 3 Recap

Box Score

New Jersey Nets 28 26 20 21
Oklahoma City 26 25 19 11

Oklahoma City preformed brilliantly the other night. Unfortunately, they weren't so hot tonight. To their credit, it was minus Kevin Durant and they kept it pretty close most of the game. The Nets and their very impressive looking draft picks Brook Lopez and Chris Douglass-Roberts proved too much for the ROY-less Oklahoma City.

Jeff Green was definitely player of the night for The City. 23 points but only 3 rebounds. Still though, he was able to keep them competitive for most of the game. Russell Westbrook, Nick Lewis, Ronald Dupree, and Ronell Taylor were the other players in double digits.

Speaking of Westbrook, he had his worst game of the summer. 2-13 from the field and 3 assists. One can only assume that he'll be able to bounce back from this. He was effective from the line at least, 5 for 6 from the charity stripe.

A sidenote for this game though was that it featured a set of twins. Donell Taylor, Nets guard and twin brother of Ronell Taylor, was only able to put up 4 points. Surely though, when playing against his brother who had 12 and won, it just made those 4 points that much more painful.

Nets standouts included Lopez and CDR, who both scored over 20 and Will COnroy who had 8 points and 7 assists. This team's pretty solid for a summer squad. Still though, OKC was very capable of winning this game.