Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ranking the Top OKC Sports Media Members, The Top 2

OK, the day is finally here. You may have guessed by now who the top two are but I garunteee some of you will be suprised by the order that they're in. Before we get to our top two though, lets take a look at some of the guys (and girls) that didn't quite make the cut.

In no particular order, I considered:

Jenni Carlson, KEBC (whatever that is) radio host and Oklahoman columnist: Hey, I know Jenni, I like Jenni, couldn't make the cut though.

Curtis Fitzpatrick, WWLS morning radio co-host, KOCO sports anchor, Sports Night Oklahoma co-host: Curtis was right on the cusp, but he's never been the leading man on anything. Number 3 guy at KOCO, too. Still, a bright future and a young talent.

Bob Barry Sr., Voice of the Oklahoma Sooners and KFOR sports anchor: Could have made a past list but not now. Way past his prime. Also, doesn't really have an avenue for expressing his opinion.

Doug Gottlieb, ESPN radio host and television NCAAB corespondant: Thought about putting him in the running, but way too national for this list.

Kirk Humphries, WWLS host and golf corespondant: Also close, but golf is his specialty and I didn't really want any specialty guys on this list.

James Hale, KOKC radio host and OU insider: Again another specialist. Never really been a fan. I think he says "uhhh" every six seconds.

Robert Allen, WWLS corespondant, OSU insider, and voice of the Yard Dawgs and COX's coverage of Oklahoma High School Football: Yet another specialist. I like him, but he can't be put into the top 10, he's a role player.

Chris Callahan, KOCO sports anchor: He was quality, but he left, so I guess it doesn't count.

Now, with no more further delay, the top 2...

2) Al Eschbach, WWLS radio host: Unlike everyone else on the list, Al does just one thing. However, he does that one thing to perfection. Really, it can be argued that Al is the most important figure in Oklahoma sports media history. One of the first of his kind, a pioneer into the genre of sports talk and he is one of the reasons it became such a huge success, not just regionally, but nationally as well. Anyone who knows sports talk knows about Al. His trademark hat and candid personality helped build a legend. He may have the best overall sports knowledge in the state. Argues his point very well. He was even featured on a SportsCenter special about sports talk radio. There was one other Okie on that feature though...
Knowledge: Past 5, Present 5
Charimsa: 9
Opinion: 10
Resources: 8
Overall Score: 37/40

1) Jim Traber, WWLS radio host and co-host of FOX25's The Locker Room: OK, I have to clarify, I personally don't think he's the best in the city. However, given the criteria I outlined for choosing the best, it was hard to argue. Who's more opinionated, has a more firey personality, or has more resources than Jim Traber? As a former major leaguer, he has a strangle hold on qulaity interviews and "reliable sources" in the city. Traber is often trashed and critisized by callers but he unarguably keeps them listening. His arguments are a unique blend of knowledge and intimidation. It should also be noted that Jim always feels that he has the moral high ground on his callers. However, getting past the superiority complex, Jim Traber just may be the most complete sports media guy there is, even if he isn't winning any popularity contests anytime soon.
Knowledge: Past 4, Present 5
Charisma: 10
Opinion: 10
Resources: 10
Overall Score: 39/40