Monday, July 7, 2008

When one door closes...

Hello, My name Benjamin Luschen but I also answer to Ben, Luschen, Sideburns, Mufasa, MC Ben Jammin', or just Sexy. I want to let you know that you're getting your NBA in OKC information from the two most genius and handsome people in the city...OK, well at least we're handsome...OK, so at least I'm handsome...JK, of course!

Seriously though, July 2nd, 2008 was the day my prayers were finally answered. For years I had hoped and wished that this town could get a taste of the big leagues. I remember going to Redhawks games as a small child and asking my dad when they were going to play the Cardinals. I also remember going to Blazers games and asking my dad if he thought the Myriad (Cox Convention Center) was a suitable venue for the NHL (natives of OKC will get this).

When the Hornets came, OKC got a good taste of "the life." Some fans, such as I, fell in love with the atmosphere. Some younger fans (not to mention the ladys) fell in love with Chris Paul. The older fans simply fell in love with the idea that they were able to see professional sports being played in OKC before they died. When it was all said and done, Oklahoma City was just in love NBA basketball.

We knew the Hornets couldn't last forever, but what people didn't know is that love for pro basketball could flourish in a college football crazed state like Oklahoma. It really is a fairy tale story.

OK, now that I have finished making love with Clay Bennett, I'll tell you a little more about myself. In the mission statement it says that my allegiance is spread among several teams. That's probably a bit of an understatement. I have cheering interests in probably half the league. Honestly, I think I follow players a lot more than I follow teams. Theres a lot of players that I like but my three unarguable favorites are Adam Morrison, Ben Wallace, and Kevin Garnett.

Why Adam Morrison? Well, I was always kind of a Gonzaga fan as a young buck. They were my favorite bracket-buster. But when they came to Oklahoma City to face Okie State in the All-College Classic, I got to see Adam Morrison light it up in person and I simply fell in love with him (in a non-gay, guy kind of way).

Why Ben Wallace? Simple, I love the fro. I used to have one actually. Well, kinda. You see, my hair tends to grow straight up kinda like Gerald's from Hey Arnold. So, instead of an afro, I just called it 'big hair' or 'poofy.' I also love Big Ben because of his hugeness, his bad attitude, and an awesome Hot Karl song from NBA Live.

Why Kevin Garnett? Well, basically, as a young fan, I was trying to get into this whole NBA thing that people were talking about. I heard his name on TV and decided he was going to be my favorite player. I think it was a good choice. I hope you like your ring, KG.

Also, for further note, I love my Oklahoma Sooners who will be a force to be reckoned with this season! Mark it down. Oh, I also love my Denver Broncos who will also be a force this season! Please, don't mark that one down.

Zeb and I both like keeping things interesting, so be on the lookout for all sorts of ballin', slammin', gimmicks. I don't know what those might be yet, but they will be ballin' and slammin'.

OK, here's to a good season, and here's to a good blog.