Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ranking The Players Volume I

Well, with the recent lack of news from the Oklahoma City, and nothing further to confirm or deny the recent rumour that Thunder would be the team name, I decided it was high time for another editorial piece. I looked over the incredibly loaded roster (now holding steady at 19), and it seemed that this would be a good time to familiarize you guys with the players and make some predictions about the new season. To make things fun, I'll pretend that we're getting C.J. Miles.

Now, if you're familiar with OKLuschens lists, I'm sure you're used to a nice, prescise formula that easily proves his reasoning to you. I am the complete opposite of him....his id you might say. I like to pull lists out of my ass.

#19. DeVon Hardin, Rookie Center
Was selected 50th in the second round of the NBA Draft this year. Had rather unimpressive numbers at Cal. Longar Longar is clearly much better than him, and would have brought some great hometown cheers (he played for the University of Oklahoma). But, quite frankly, even if Longar Longar was in his place, he would still be dead last on the roster. Devon Hardin was on the Summer League roster, but he didn't play. Maybe he was injured, maybe the coach hated him, or maybe he just didn't want to play. Fact is, it doesn't matter. With this packed roster, no one will be surprised to see DeVon go. I do like how he pronounces his name "De Von" instead of "Devin", though.

NBA Comparison: DJ Mbenga? Can't really tell.

#18. Ronald Dupree, 6th Year Shooting Guard

Best Season: 03-04 with the Bulls, 19 Minutes, 6 Points, 4 Rebounds, 1 Assist, 40% FG%, 44% 3PT%, 63% FT%.

Okay, I know I'm ripping into this dude, but he's shown practically nothing his entire NBA career. He's entering his 6th year in the NBA, and his best year was his rookie season, backing up for the still Post-Jordan Bulls? What? If you need further evidence, during the Summer League he was fighting for playing time amongst....Aaron Bruce. He was a 4th or 5th man at BEST, and never started. This guy should really, really be cut.

NBA Comparison: Amir Johnson

#17. Mike Wilks, 7th Year Point Guard

Best Season: 02-03 with the Hawks, 24 minutes, 5 points, 3 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 36% FG%, 35% 3PT%, 72% FT%.

He was only signed to a 10-Day contract earlier in the season, so I don't know why he's still considered to be on the roster. Simply put, this guys is a poor mans Earl Boykins (meaning he can score and run quickly, not much else). Considering that it's hard for Earl to get a job, it's even harder for Mike to get a job. He was only signed because the SuperSonics were in a severe Point Guard shortage. Honestly, this guys stats aren't any more imprssive than Dupree's. But, he's really small and quick in NBA 2K7, so he's pretty fun to play with.

NBA Comparison: Earl Boykins

#16. D.J. White, Rookie Center

His Summer League performance paled in comparison to Westbrook, Green, and Durant. He never had a really good game until the trio was on the bench. His performance was comparable to Duprees, but he would actually take care of other categories, like rebounds and blocks, while Dupree only scored points. He also had better FG%. You know, this guy probably WILL make the roster, but I'd go with Sene over him, simply due to his size and D-League prevalence. But, I could just be splitting hairs and they probably are both bad. His excellent performance at Indiana has to raise some eyebrows, though.

NBA Comparison: Too early to tell....

#15. Mouhamed Saer Sene, 3rd Year Center

Best Season: 06-07 with the SuperSonics, 6 Minutes, 2 Points, 2 Rebounds, 37% FG%, 59% FT%

If he doesn't show any potential this year, he should definately be cut. He was definately drafted as a project big man, but he's showed little improvement. He's part of this 4 person-group that I like to call "the SuperSonics project big men who are nearly indistinguishable from each other" (Sene, Swift, Collison, and Petro). Still, he was named D-League defensive player of the year (along with Baby Foyle, Stephane Lasme). But, unless he shows something on the NBA court, he could find himself back in Senegal soon. But honestly, I'm rooting for this guy to win. I just hope he can find himself a spot on this overloaded roster. Sam Presti was pleased with his D-League performance according to Wikipedia, so you never know....

NBA Comparison: DeSagana Diop

Stay Tuned for the 9th to 14th Ranked Players!!!!