Monday, July 7, 2008

Mission Statement for The Oklahoma City NBA Sports Blog....To The Max!!!!

Dear Reader,

This is our mission statement for this new blog. What will the blog be about? The Soon To Be Named Oklahoma City NBA Franchise, formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics.

We hope to provide an entertaining and informative blog about this new NBA Franchise. We will now address some inevitable Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who are you?

We are Zebulun Benbrook and Benjamin Luschen, 2 High School Seniors who are totally psyched about starting a new sports blog.

2. What are your qualifications?

Well, if you want to see samples of our writing, you can check out our old blog ad Otherwise, we consider ourselves to be very good writers....well, okay, I'm very good, and Ben is excellent. Also, we made an "A" in English last year, and Ben hopes to become a journalist while I hope to go into film or become a politician.

3. Why start this sports blog? Aren't there already other SuperSonics Blogs?

We are aware that there are other SuperSonics blogs. But, most of these blogs are Seattle-based. While they may or may not choose to continue to blog, their heart might not be in it. We respect these other blogs, but we thought it would be nice to have an Oklahoma City based blog that's right in the thick of things. And yes, we are aware that there may be other Oklahoma City based blogs, but hey, we think it's fun!

4. If you guys were fans of the NBA before this franchise came about, then you can't just drop your former team and call this new one number 1! Where do your true alligiances lie?

For me, my favourite team is, was, and always will be the Golden State Warriors. Otherwise, I'll cheer for the hometown team and the Orlando Magic, who have my favourite player, Adonal Foyle. For Ben, it's a mix between many different teams. But we feel that we embody the typical Oklahoma City NBA fan because they probably had their alliegiances too, and wouldn't be so quick to give them up.

5. How do you feel about the Hornets?

Well, I feel that we kind of got screwed over. We spend 2 years developing this team, and then they hit it big the second they move back to New Orleans. But, you know, at least we have a permanent team now. I will say that I did go to their games, and that the team will always have a special place in my heart.

6. How do you feel about stealing Seattles long-standing NBA Franchise?

Hey, I didn't steal them! Clay Bennett did. What do you expect me to do, protest by not going to any of the games? The fact is, they're here now, and I'm going to enjoy it. The NBA is a business, not a family. Your legislators weren't willing to build a new stadium or renovate Key Arena, so that's that. And comeon guys, you're not alone. There's the long-lost Vancouver Grizzlies, the Kansas City Kings, The Kansas City/Omaha Kings, and St.Louis has never even had a team. I cant' say much more than you lost the team. Was it bad? Yes. Do I wish we could both have NBA teams? Yes. Can I do anything to change that right now? No. When I'm a multi-millionaire, I'll get your team back, Seattle. But for now, I'm going to enjoy the dream that I've envisioned ever since I was a kid playing NBA Live 98: A Oklahoma City NBA Franchise.

7. Don't you guys need a fancier banner? A better format? And especially that title. It sucks.

We're well aware of the fact that "The Oklahoma City NBA Sports the Max!!!" is a terrible title. But, it will have to do until we actually know what our team is gonna be called. I chose the red, white, and blue of the NBA logo for now. And, after all, it's the writing that makes the blog, right?

8. What do you think your team will be called? What's your favourite name?

I've heard an unofficial report that Clay Bennett said it will be the Barons or the Outlaws, and that the team colours will be black and gold. Personally, I think the names are stupid (The Oklahoma City Baron Davises?) and that the colours are ugly. Plus, there's a huge roadblock: David Stern doesn't allow black NBA uniforms to be created (old ones, such as the 76ers, are still allowed). The local radio station's morning show has "The Dudes" as their favourite name. The local news paper had it's final four as "The Outlaws, The Barons, The Thunder, and The Thunderbirds." Honestly, all of those are bad (The Outlaws are an XFL team, the Baron Davises?, Thunder is the Warriors mascot, and Thunderbirds might be offensive.) My personal favourite is "Rough Riders", which could also be spelled as "Ruff Ryders". But, a friend kindly pointed out that it sounded more like a condom than a basketball team. Whatever the choice, we'll just have to roll with it, no matter how stupid or ugly.

9. Any predictions for the season?

Well, I'm a bit biased because P.J. Carlesimo is my favourite coach of all time (See: 1998-1999 Golden State Warriors) but I'd put us at 30-35 wins. We've got a lot of talent at almost every position, but we've just gotta figure out how to put it together.

10. Excited about Kevin Durant?

Honestly? No. He looks like a brick machine. His FG% is horrible.

11. Who's your favourite player?

On this team? Donyell Marshall. He was on the team that made me fall in love with the NBA (1998-1999 Golden State Warriors).

12. How will attendance be?

Initially I expect it to be very good, and then drop off a bit as we lose games....

And, well, that's about it. We'll keep updating the blog periodically, and Ben will be by to introduce himself. Get ready for the best OKC sports blog you've ever' sho'!!!!