Sunday, September 14, 2008

Introducing....Blue Blitz!!!!

After hours of deliberation and logo making, we have decided on a new name and logo....

From the proprietors of The Oklahoma City NBA Sports Blog....To the Max!!!!, we bring you....

Blue Blitz!

Our new logo and colour scheme have been introduced. I know it's bad, but it's nothing compared to the teams ACTUAL logo. Then again, it's no Tony.psd work either.

I was in favour of naming it Hellblau Blitz (German for Light Blue Flash/Bolt/Lightning), but OKluschen reminded me that nobody will know what Hellblau means, and Light Blue Blitz or Oklahoma Blue Blitz didn't have the same ring. Thunder Asunder was also considered, but asunder means "apart or scattered", and that has no relevence to basketball, and it generally has a negative connotation.

If anyone has a better name, or if you are a great logo designer, email us at Otherwise, we're gonna stick with this.

Coming up: My Season Ticket Buying Experience....

(At least it's better than Oklahoma City BBalls new logo!)