Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Judgement Day is Upon Us!

Today at 5 PM, the NBA OKC name will be announced!

Just wanted to give everyone a run down of the places to check:

1. The actual unveiling will be at Leadership Square (211 N.Robinson) in Oklahoma City. It says that the unveiling will be at 5PM, but it doesn't say when you really should be there. It's also your first opportunity to purchase team gear. I'll be there, and I should (hopefully) be holding up a "SIGN ADONAL FOYLE" sign, and a Sonics jersey (not in protest). Why? Because Adonal Foyle is the greatest player of all time, why else? Stop by and say hi if you want.

I'll be on the phone with Okluschen during the unveiling (which will probably be the first place that will show the logo), and he'll put it up on the blog ASAP.

2. The Team's Official Website should have the logo up at 5PM, but the site will most likely be highly trafficed by not only OKC fans, but interested fans nationwide. Also, the team might be slow to update the site, since they want the "official" unveiling to be first. If you're still thinking of checking it, the site is fully Flash oriented (not HTML), so it takes longer to load. Still, it would be one of the places to check.

3. Your Local News. 4,5, and 9 all have newscasts at 5, and will most likely have reporters on the scene. Hurricane Gustav is gone now, but KOCO still might have a whole lot of reporters in New Orleans, along with their news chopper. So I'd probably recommend going with 4 or 9. 4 might be a better choice because they went with 2 sports stories over Hurricane Gustav on Saturday. Not nessessarily a good thing, but it does mean you might get the logo information faster.

4. WWLS the Sports Animal will probably have the info, but it will really only be useful for the name, and not the logo. You can't really see anything on the radio.

5. The Oklahoma City NBA Sports Blog....to the Max!!!! It's a great place, and we'll have all info up as soon as possible. Semi-live blog coverage.

Lastly, we will have our new blog name announced tomorrow (Thursday), and a new design hopefully in place by Friday or so. Stay tuned for more developments, and lets hope that they don't copy off of the Golden State Warriors' Mascot!