Monday, September 29, 2008

Thunder Uniforms Unveiled


Yep, you guessed it, the uniforms have been unveiled.

They don't seem too bad at first glance....but they do have a few fatal flaws.

First of all, who wants that stupid mini text on the players butt crack? That's been a huge trend in recent uniforms, and it's really stupid. I mean, are we going to look there FOR the team name? I just don't get it. Isn't the sides enough? Anyway, it's safe to say that I WILL NOT buy these shorts.

Second of all, the logos are extremely reminiscent of the 90s Pistons uniforms. Royce says otherwise, calling them "New York Knickish". While they do look so if you look at it on that drawing he has on his site, if you look at the actual thing, they look moreso Pistons to me. But of course, the Pistons uniforms were much more outlandish, cartoony, and just plain cool. These look sort of bland an generic, just like....the logo! Whaddaya know!

Third of all, the fronts of both uniforms are just a little bit too bland and noisy. The white uniforms have orange tracing around them for some god-knows-why reason. Combining it with the white and yellow doesn't turn out too well in my opinion. The road uniforms also suffer from problems, as it just looks like they slapped Oklahoma, City, and the numbers on there with absolutely no regard for style.

In conclusion, after a second look, these uniforms are pretty poor. They have some positive points on the colouring, but the uniforms are eternally marred by their use of butt crack logo and their overall genericness.

okluschen note: To me, it seems as if Thunder is just a formality for this team and if they didn't have to have a team name, we wouldn't have one. Everything the team does seems to be distant from Thunder. If you're going to choose a name like the Thunder, show me some clouds or bolts or something! In the logo and the uniforms, they seem to be going conservative in their selections, as not to piss off anyone. However, in doing this, they've managed to offend everyone! Give us something to be proud of, please. It doesn't need to be good even, Oklahomans will take to whatever. But give us something that isn't plain jane generic.


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