Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thunder vs. Thunder

We here at the Oklahoma City NBA Sports the Max!!!! have always been against Oklahoma City being named the Thunder. Why? Well, there's many reasons, but one is because we'd be stealing the name of the Warriors mascot, Thunder.

Well, reader Sue submitted a link saying that the Warriors really don't care at all about their mascot. Matt Steinmetz said that the Warriors have been trying to change their logo for years, but they didn't because it would cost them $500,000. Well, I guess why we knew why the Warriors had a 13 year playoff draught (*cough*cheapskates*cough*). But seriously, does anyone remember the last time you saw the Warriors use their full logo?

Well, for fans of NBA logos, this is terrible news. The flying W is a pretty good alternative logo, but as a main logo, it sucks.

But what's more is that Matt wrote an article today saying that Thunder is going away. For good. Thunder is in the Warriors "official" logo, but they never use that logo and, while I love it, from a neutral stand point it looks very late 1990s.

I guess Thunder had it coming, but it's always sad to lose a mascot in the NBA family. Thunder was one of the more unique ones, as he wasn't an animal per se, but he was a blue X-man with slammin' shades. If you are truly going away, as a long time Warriors fan, I'd like to say: I'll miss you, Thunder. You were a great....mascot. Man, I'm gonna miss that guy.


Stu Holdren said...

I still don't understand the incorporation of a lightning bolt into the "Warriors" logo. Never made sense to me.

Do you have any thoughts as to what the OKC mascot will be like?

okluschen said...

Really, it could be anything at this point. They could go in any direction based off the logo. I've headr some say a buffalo (thundering herd) it could be some Warriors/Chargers styled "lightning man." For all we know based on the logo, it'll be a huge orange basketball rolling around the court. Don't expect any Hugo the Hornet, thats for sure.

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